Maraba | About Us
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From the first day of Maraba Al Iraq Company, we made our presence known in the market, with that wide influence we brought. We worked very hard to provide high quality services to boost our customers’ trust and to support our ambitious policy. That’s because we do not only target the local market, but we also aim at expanding our works and activities to contribute in the global market, and we believe that we can do it. Sure, there are many other companies that work in the same exact fields, but few of them are really reliable and can provide high-quality services that are on a global level, that’s exactly what we offer. Maraba Al Iraq Al Khadraa Company embraces a well-established and systematic methodology when it comes to providing such services in order for us to add value to the market and not be a charge on it. With this premium level we seek to be in a leading position in the global market, not only locally, and we are eligible for it. To perfectly deliver our services, we utilize our huge capabilities, like human resources and technical experts with their extensive experience besides our technical capabilities, as we possess a complete fleet of vehicles, equipment and engineering machinery that support our works and help the company scale up. Also, we care a lot about quality control and quality assurance practices in compliance with global standards and international specifications. And the department of safety and occupational health in our company puts the safety of our workers in all worksites above all.

Our Vision

We seek to make our company one of the biggest reputable companies in the whole world, as a company that provides the highest possible level of quality and the most professional one in civil, construction, electrical and oil fields.

Our Values

  • Professionalism: this value is the base value that our company is built on, and so are all of our relationships, whether with clients or with employees.
  • Integrity: we adopt the highest moral standards which urge us to be transparent and neutral, which in turn guarantees the overall work integrity.
  • Sustainability: this value is a practical application for the quote that says “reaching the top is hard, yet keeping it is even harder”.
  • Innovation: we create suitable environment for our individuals to encourage them to innovate and motivate them to keep going, develop themselves, and build excellent confident personality.
  • Teamwork: this is our source of power; it increases both size and quality of works that can be done.

Our Mission

To provide a high level of innovation and quality in projects implementation, and to develop market concepts related to contracting and general trading works, especially in the field of oil and energy.


We collaborate with many different clients with different sizes who have been working in various industrial, commercial and engineering fields, we work with individuals and with companies alike, whether they are private companies or clients from the public sector, among which there are the biggest companies that work in the field of oil and gas. On the other hand, we deal with the biggest suppliers and exporters of equipment, heavy and light machinery and their spare parts, besides other business requirements for ourselves or for our clients. MIK has a diverse portfolio of customers in the oil and gas industry. Private clients, public companies and government agencies worldwide select MIK as their partner in the most challenging and complex projects. Although each client has unique needs and goals, they return to MIK because of our reputation for reliability. We are proud of the fact that many of our clients come back to MIK or have been referred to us by satisfied clients. We have a proven reputation for on time delivery within budget. With several hundred successful projects, we have the experience, resources and credentials to meet the most demanding requirements.

Our client portfolio includes:

Baker Hughes Schlumberger Halliburton
Weatherford Eni LUKOIL
British Petroleum PetroChina Exxon Mobil
Saipem WOOD Group Weir oil & Gas
Schwob Energy Service Anton Oilfield Service