Maraba | Life Support
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Life Support:

The company has prepared a numerous bases and has leased them to many Oil & Gas companies in Iraq. All bases are constructed according to the international standards and Safety requirements and contain all kinds of facilities like warehouses, lightning towers, prefabricated portacabins and offices, pipe racks, emergency generators etc… and the company can set-up and supply bases at any location in Iraq. MIK offers companies a combination of existing and recommended leasing opportunities, with space available for design and build projects. Offices, warehouses, and residential leasing agreements are aligned to work in concert with business operations and are tailored to meet the needs of large, small, and expanding businesses. The company accommodations services designed to deliver comfort and convenience to its tenants, the parks are within close proximity to other Oil & Gas companies and key transportation hubs, and include entertainment facilities, fully equipped fitness centers, and around-the-clock security, medical services. From Portables to VIP washrooms, for one person or for thousands, we provide not only the toilet units themselves, but also water and sewage management services.