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The Company Services


Our company contributes to various fields, as it has great system capabilities that enable it to simultaneously implement multiple projects no matter how big or complicated, they are, delivering projects that are compliant to standards technical specifications and meet global quality standards without compromising delivery time. Here are some fields that the company work in, some services that we offer and some examples of our services in each field:

1 – Oil & Gas Services

MIK Oil Servicing company’s supply chain organizational networks provide our customers with global procurement and contracts services that are unsurpassed in the region. Our logistic team have good professional knowledge of local laws, available markets, customs, shipping and procurement practices. This enables us to efficiently source materials, equipment and spare parts from different locations around the world in compliance with all local and international laws and regulations. We support large, complex projects in remote locations of the country using both local and international suppliers around the world. We have the right processes, automation tools, market data, volume, and skilled professionals to meet our project demands. We ensure the responsible purchase and safe delivery of quality goods and services, from reliable and diverse suppliers and subcontractors, where they are needed, on time, and at the lowest total cost of ownership. With a petroleum project team of experienced staff, we specialize in managing all logistical aspects of projects in Iraq for the oil and gas industry. We offer a complete range of integrated services designed to fully match all aspects of Iraq operational environment. From initial planning, to design and installation, MIK provide a uniquely integrated suite of services for oil and gas field development projects and some of these services are:

i. Drilling and Completion Fluid Services:
Our Drilling and Completion Fluids team provides a full range of Drilling and Completion Fluids Solutions from oil based and water-based muds to non-damaging drill-in fluids and completion brines and associated filtration and wellbore cleanup equipment. Our fluids team bring extensive industry experience and expertise from some of the world’s most technically challenging HTHP, ERD and deep-water drilling environments. With a focus on product quality we only source products from recognized industry suppliers of the highest quality and meeting stringent QA/QC checks to provide piece of mind for customers which at the same time allows us to provide cost effective technical solutions to your drilling and completion fluids problems. Some other fluid services that MIK provide are:
• Completion fluid filtration
• Fluid management and transport
• Mud and brine rental
• Mud and brine plant for safe storage of OBM, WBM and brine
• Reconditioning of drilling and completion fluids
• Fluid analysis

ii.Chemical Supplying:
Maraba Al Iraq chemicals for oil and gas fields have been developed to meet our customers’ unique needs. The oilfield production chemical experience of our Oil and Gas Group allows us to provide our customers with innovative and cost-effective solutions. We provide everything from specialty chemicals and custom blending to chemical performance monitoring in the field. We are supplying of drilling fluids, mud chemicals, well stimulation chemicals and general utility chemicals which are widely used in exploration and production industry dedicated to surpassing customers’ needs.Our main Chemical categories that are provided for our oil industry clients are:
• Drilling Fluid Additives
• Friction Reducer
• Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR)
• Viscosifier
• Shale Stabilizer (Clay Stabilizer)
• Fluid Loss Control Additives
• Scale Inhibitors
• Mud chemicals
• Cement Additives
• Completion Fluids
• Well stimulation chemicals
• Production chemicals
• Water injection requirements

iii. Environmental Services
MIK Field Solutions delivers integrated environmental services to a range of industries including oil and gas, energy industry, utilities, land development, and transportation. Our diverse team of environmental professionals are experienced in preparing effective permitting strategies that consider both efficient approval process and meeting client goals. With specialties in environmental permitting and compliance, we deliver cost-conscious and practical solutions to ensure regulatory compliance and reduce or eliminate risk for clients. Our multifaceted approach of environmental sciences and engineering are built on decades of environmental experience. From pre-project planning to operations, our interdisciplinary professionals provide comprehensive environmental guidance for all phases of your project life cycle. Many projects have been done by MIK such as:
• Filtration of produced H2O
• Vessel and production tank cleaning
• Feasibility studies
• Site assessment
• Oil waste management and disposal facilities
• Soil remediation

2- Engineering, Design and Construction Services

Maraba has deep experience respectively in civil works, electrical works, building constructions and maintenance, Consultancy and Engineering Service, etc. Since enterprise needs are becoming more challenging, change is more frequent and projects require a variety of skills, we operate cross platform teams for complex projects fusing different technologies.
Excavation, Compaction, Steel Reinforcement, Concrete Works, Concrete Curing
Concrete Testing, Backfilling & Soil Testing, Developments & EPC, Steel Structures, Cladding & Exteriors, Leveling, Flooring & Interiors, Plants & Structures

3- Logistics and Transportation:

Our expert teams offer specialized logistics and support for all oil and gas projects. As a global industry leader in logistics, we bring the know-how and experience to ensure the project is a success, no matter the challenges it presents, with a huge hire fleet consist of:

i. Heavy Transportation:


As much as dangerous and costly heavy transportation could be, it is mandatory nowadays for businesses to grow, that’s why we’re here, we offer you safe yet efficient heavy transportation mechanisms for your business and all your commercial requirements in accordance with global standards and using powerful vehicle with large capacities. Maraba has supplied heavy transport equipment, prime movers and modular trailers for many transportation operations around Iraq, our experience allows us to understand our client’s requirements and assists us in servicing new enquiries.


ii.Light Transportation:

Our light vehicles are equipped with all Safety devices such as (Safety Belts, GPRS, Fire Extinguishers, First Aid Kits, company emergency cards, etc.). Our Fleet is also all equipped with IVMS systems and vehicle tracking devices. Spare parts and tools needed to make maintenances and repairs are available in our warehouses and workshops so that breakdown repair service is carried out properly and on time.

iii. Lifting and Material Handling:

At Maraba, we have the honorable duty to be the national reference in crane rental services, heavy lifting, and engineered transport for our clients. We give you the possibility to rent a crane, trailer, or any other type of heavy lifting equipment, plus, providing certified operators, for long- and short-term duration. Our lifting equipment include but are not limited to: – Mobile Cranes (all sorts)- Tower Cranes – Crane Mounted – Boom Trucks – Forklifts (all sorts) – Aerial platforms and cherry pickers


iv. Tankers – Trailers – Vacuums:

Our rental fleet has grown to over 100 state-of-the-art tankers with enormous capacities and it will continue to expand to cater for the needs of a variety of market sectors, including but not limited to: Chemicals Petroleum – Fresh water – Fuels of all kind Sludge -Waste Water
Black water

4- Life Support:

The company has prepared a numerous bases and has leased them to many Oil & Gas companies in Iraq. All bases are constructed according to the international standards and Safety requirements and contain all kinds of facilities like warehouses, lightning towers, prefabricated portacabins and offices, pipe racks, emergency generators etc… and the company can set-up and supply bases at any location in Iraq. MIK offers companies a combination of existing and recommended leasing opportunities, with space available for design and build projects. Offices, warehouses, and residential leasing agreements are aligned to work in concert with business operations and are tailored to meet the needs of large, small, and expanding businesses. The company accommodations services designed to deliver comfort and convenience to its tenants, the parks are within close proximity to other Oil & Gas companies and key transportation hubs, and include entertainment facilities, fully equipped fitness centers, and around-the-clock security, medical services. From Portables to VIP washrooms, for one person or for thousands, we provide not only the toilet units themselves, but also water and sewage management services.

5- Manpower and Administrative Services:

MIK is an experienced provider of manpower services, recruiting for all levels of expertise in the oil and gas industry. We bring extensive experience and expertise to the manpower sector in Iraq. The main points that a strengthen MIK in its manpower supplying are:
• Extensive knowledge of the oil and gas industry
• Extensive experience in Human Resource Management
And based on MIK experience and strong reputation, it provides many other services such as:

i. Administrative Services


We facilitate the processing of immigration paperwork for our foreign oil and gas workers as well as for their families. This involves visitors’ pass visas, work permits etc. We also arrange to meet & greet our arriving and departing crews and escorting them to the locations. MIK offers a package of logistic, customs clearance and administrative services to international companies in Iraq. Maraba team can help its clients in visa applications, work permits, and other HR and administrative services and follow applications in accordance with applicable rules and regulations in Iraq. Moreover, MIK manpower services have done many hiring and administrative services such as:
• Global staffing services, international and national candidates, including a pre-screened candidate’s database
• Technical experts
• Executive search
• Consulting services for legal and immigration services
• Assistance with residence and work permits
• VIP airport transfers, travel assistance and transportation

ii. Security Services for Oil and Gas Assets:

MIK provides corporate clients in the oil and gas industry with professional security services for its investment projects. Our devises and implements solutions for clients’ complex security issues, often in challenging and remote locations. MIK has established a reputation as the leading provider of defensive and protective security services in Iraq.
Our services include:
• Full turn-key security operations for clients in the oil and gas industry
• Protective security and management for oil and gas facilities and pipeline projects.
• Risk management consultancy for strategic and operational security solutions
• Expatriate security managers
• Private security guard forces
• Personal security, VIP security escorts and close protection
• Training and consultancy
• Security equipment, technology, security installations and access control
• Surveillance and air support
• Medical support services
A typical MIK security team has international staff with extensive regional and operational experience. This team is supported by key local national management and local security professionals, ensuring that international standards are combined with essential local insight, access and knowledge.

6- Supplying, Renting and General Trading:

Maraba AL Iraq Al Khadraa Company established itself with a reputation as a complete Supply Chain Solution provider integrating each separate link in the chain – Sourcing of quality products, Procurement, Logistics, Inventory and Production liaisons with reputed Manufacturers, Distributors and Suppliers around the globe.
The scope of supply category includes but not limited to:


– Oilfield Equipment – Vehicles & Spare Parts – Earth Moving Equipment – Electrical & Instrumentation – Chemicals & Other Products – Lubricants – Safety Equipment- Lifting Equipment – Medical Supplies – Office/IT Equipment- Water Treatment Plant- Hoses & Fittings- Hose Assemblies – Tools – Workshop Equipment – Cutting Tools – Non-Sparking Tools – Atex Specs. Material and equipment – Camlock Fittings – Pressure Gauges – Welding Consumables – Measurement & Calibration – Safety Equipment – Power Generation – Industrial Equipment Rental Fleet