Al Murbat group is a leading company in its specialty around the Middle East region and internationally recognized for its innovative contributions in the supplying and installing of environmental sector devices such as Nuclear Measurements, Nuclear Protection, Nuclear decommissioning, First Alarm system, First Responders, Radon Measurements, Hazmat Teams, Personal Monitoring, Supplying Radioactive Sources, Radioactive Shields and Clothes, Liquid Nitrogen Generators.

We are specialized in the following fields:

Cryogenic's generators

Security products

 Portal and access control

 Radiation Therapy


 Hazmat teams

 Decommissioning chemical and nuclear

Worker's safety

 Scientific laboratories

 Educational labs

Custom manufacturing and system integration

Nuclear labs

 Radiation monitoring and survey equipments

 Digital mapping

Ambient monitoring of air quality

 Emission monitoring for air quality

 Air quality monitoring stations

 Compact air quality monitoring stations

 Personal dosimetery

Glassware supplying

 Oil fields supplies

 Chemicals and Resin

 Weather stations

 Mobile labs

 Electromagnetic field analysis

 Non-ionizing Radiation Detection

Gases plants and generators

 Decommissioning supplies

 Radioactive and material supplies

TLD systems

 Radon gas detection

 Calibration gases supplies