Al Rawi for Producing Jordanian Cables and Wires .The company manufactures energy cables and wires, communication cables for data and telephone, solar system wires and defence wires.

It has been running since 2010 with total sales of 52 million dollars. Main markets are Jordan and Iraq but it is keen to export to the European markets, since it follows the quality and standards of the European market. 

Al Rawi for Jordanian Cables and Wires has obtained ISO9001:2008 and willing to obtain ISO14001, ISO18001, ISO17025 and CE mark to get the requirements for entering the European market. In Jordan, none of the technical offices that can support the CE mark obtaining process and requirements since there is no cable factory in Jordan already supplies the European markets.

Maraba Al Iraq AL khadraa company is the sole agent in south of Iraq. Maraba manages the marketing process, shipping, storage and delivery to clients.