Founded in 1964, BUTEC has positioned itself as a leader in Middle East construction by offering unequaled services to its customers, ranging from execution of pre-designed projects to EPC (Engineering, Procurement & Construction) projects.
Through its organization of expert professionals and the innovative approach with which each project is tackled, BUTEC distinguishes itself from its competition. With the preset targets identified, the Butec team secures mobility of means and resources, while insuring perfect adaptability to the conditions appropriate for each assignment. This, coupled with resourceful and inventive methods and processes, insures each project to be executed with flair and creativity, for optimum end results.

With its head office in Beirut and branches across the Middle East, North Africa and Europe, BUTEC’s expertise and knowledge is available to its clients wherever they may be.

BUTEC’s business activities focus on the following sectors:

Power and Energy:
-    Substation (400kV/220kV/132kV/66kV/33kV)
-    Thermal (Diesel engine, OCGT and CCGT)
-    Renewable power plants
Water and Environmental: 
-    Waste Water Treatment Plants
-    Sewerage Networks
-    Irrigation
-    Potable Water Treatment Plants
-    etc.
Building construction and Public Works:
-    Roads
-    Bridges
-    Industrial Compounds
-    District Cooling Plants
-    etc.
Oil & Gas:
-    Tank Farms
-    Refueling Schemes
-    etc.