Safety is something we can live with

Our top priority is to protect our employees from harm and provide them a harm free environment in which they work. Optimized QHSE is not only the best thing to do; it is also the best investment. In the Industry, the safest equipment and employees also perform the best. Which is why, our goal towards Health and safety is “Zero Accident”.

To achieve this, Maraba:

  • Optimize Developing and implementing Management procedures.
  • Meeting all National and International Quality, Health, Safety & Environment Standards.
  • Educating & motivating employees and providing In-house & Third party training to enhance their competence and awareness.
  • Planning the journey & Tracking of vehicles through IVMS to evaluate the driver performance and fulfill the commitments.
  • Certification of operators, lifting equipment and accessories to abide by all the National and International Standards.
  • Correcting all HSE deficiencies and non-conformances identified through audits, inspections and incident investigations as well as other sources, in a timely manner
  • Identifying HSE risks and minimizing them to a level As Low As Reasonably Practicable (ALARP) to ensure safety of people and Equipment, protection of the environment and integrity of operation
  • Holding all levels of management, supervisors, and employees accountable for HSE performance.
  • Empowered all employees to stop any work that is considered unsafe or not in line with HSE policy and procedures.
  • Continually improving HSE performance by fostering a positive HSE culture that recognizes individual contributions.