Maraba Al-Iraq Al-Khadra'a offers outstanding life support services in Basra Industrial Community (BIC). Maraba offers housing services of the highest quality. Our multiple standard room layouts are well-equipped with furniture and all required facilities as well as providing the best residence climate for the employees and the guests.

BIC is upwind from the pollutants of North Rumaila and West Qurna, providing the best air quality with close proximity to North Rumaila and the West Qurna super field. Our sleeping quarters are 15 square meters compared to 10 square meters in most other camps, and are accessible through interior corridors. BIC is conveniently located 400 meters from the SOC police checkpoint at hwy 8 (Route Tampa). This is the best section of highway for trucking from the Logistic centers of Basra and Um Qsar.

Our food service is exceptional with diverse menus and bi-weekly theme nights.As a local Iraq company, BIC works with native vendors that allow companies to access quality supply chains while supporting the people of Basra and Southern Iraq.