Flying Insects (Flies, Mosquitoes, Bugs)

-Crawling Insects (Cockroaches, Ants, Spiders, Worms, beetles, etc.)

-Rodents (Rats and mice)

- Snakes and Scorpions

• We use a very advanced materials and equipment in our program

• On the top of it is a non-toxic to human materials that is extremely effective in controlling pests (Odorless and European Origin Products).

  We  use  the  best  chemicals  for  pest  control  and  takes  into Consideration the international standards in the safety of the environment, customers and staff.

• In addition, it considers non-chemical solutions that provide effective Control of all types of pests to reach maximum customer satisfaction.


Safety Method

• Safety of clients: Product and equipment used are international standards quality and our treatment is safe for human and pets because  we  use  the  lowest  human  toxicity  in  addition  we  use non-chemical solutions at some places.

• Safety of his crew: To guarantee our crew safety we use PPE, safety shoes, cover shoes, gloves, and masks

• Safety environment: Get rid of empty containers properly.