Maraba Al Iraq Al Khadar’a Co. is committed to deliver the highest level of services to our Clients and we believe part of this is achieved through investment in training at all levels within the company.

We recognize our people as our greatest asset and to this end we continually invest in our company specialist training and development program. This ensures that all our staff is equipped with the necessary knowledge, skills, expertise and experience which are required from the demanding industries we serve and the diverse services we offer.

The Company regularly reviews its level of investment in staff training and development to ensure not only that adequate resource are being provided but also that training and development activity is delivering a benefit to both the staff member and the business.


Maraba Al Iraq Al Khadra’a Co. (MIK CO.) aims to ensure that:

  • Each member of staff understands what his or her work role involves.
  • Each person is developed as appropriate, to enable them to achieve their work objectives.
  • Staff are prepared and equipped to deal with changes within the MIK Co.


Maraba Al Iraq Al Khadra’a Co. (MIK CO.) believes that effective training and development benefits the individual and the company as a whole, and contributes to the achievement of Maraba Al Iraq Al Khadra’a Co. (MIK CO.) business objectives. These benefits include:

  • High standards of work performance.
  • Greater understanding and appreciation of factors affecting work performance.
  • Sharing ideas and dissemination of good practice.
  • Effective management and implementation of change.
  • Building strong and effective teams.
  • Increased motivation and job satisfaction for individuals
  • Professional development
  • Greater understanding of Maraba Al Iraq Al Khadra’a Co. business